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Company Facts

Overall customer satisfaction of 92%
FHA, Full Eagle, DE and FreddieMac approved
Full-service direct lender with ability to also broker loans in eight states
Founded in 1985 with corporate headquarters in Calabasas, California


Terms shown as of 1/24/2012 are based on 1 point and the loan amount shown unless included differently, single family residence, owner occupied, excellent credit, loan to value ratio of 75% supported by an appraisal, and income to support a monthly debt-to-income ratio of no more than 42%. No-point loans are available. Rates, points, and APR are subject to change until you lock your interest rate. When you apply, we will determine the actual loan amount and credit terms available to you and may be required to offer you credit on different terms. In certain situations, we may not be able to extend credit. *ARM Loans: After the fixed period shown, the rate on this adjustable rate mortgage may vary and the monthly payment may increase. + Interest Only Loans: To make monthly home loan payment more affordable, Skyline offers loans that allow you to pay only interest during the first few years of the loan. Your payments may go up -- as much as double or triple -- after the interest-only period or when the payments adjust. Be realistic about whether you can handle future payment increases. If you're not comfortable with these risks, ask about other Skyline loan products.

Contact Information

Wendell L. Baker | Director, Private Banking
NMLS# 251874 Corp. NMLS# 12072
(818) 971-4295 direct | (310) 874-5636 cell | (818) 971-4395 fax
wbaker@skylinehomeloans.com | www.skylinehomeloans.com/wendell